Breaking Down the Entire Jimmy Butler Roast of Brett Brown Clip by Clip

Jimmy absolutely hates Brett Brown and absolutely hates the Sixers. Shocking? Absolutely not. Jimmy hates all of his coaches. Jimmy hates all of the teams he's played for. Obviously he talks about how he loves the Heat, but they're winning right now and basically giving Jimmy everything he fucking he wants. Whatever, let's take a look at the key takeaways from this interview.


This is the quote that everyone is pulling. He didn't know who was in charge, he didn't know who to go to, etc... Yes this is bad. I think? I mean I don't know how an NBA practice goes but I would like to think that there is some direction and encouragement to develop players games. I don't know, maybe someone working with Ben Simmons to develop his jump shot?


This film session scares me. What the hell is going on here? Anyone who has ever played a competitive sport has walked out of a meeting and been like that was so fucking dumb why did coach so and so just waste our time like that. However, I'd like to think that occurs less when you make it professionally. Also, the way he speaks about it and remembers it is too much for me to just be like he's exaggerating and fucking around, and JJ even laughs about how dumb it was, and he admittedly likes Brett. Why waste these millionaires time with a stupid fucking film session where no words are spoken?


Ok this is the clip that I think not enough people are talking about because it has a couple of very important aspects to it that aren't specifically said.
1.) Jimmy just fucking hated not being the alpha on the team. By JJ asking this question, he knew how much it pissed him off that he was not the primary ball handler throughout the season. You don't ask, did your relationship get better once you started touching the ball more, unless JJ knew thats why he was so fucking pissed.
2.) Ben was really pissed off in the playoffs last year for not being the ball handler. A lot of people in Philly got really upset with Ben's aggressiveness come playoff time but this kind of makes me believe that Brett was the one controlling that and Ben wasn't happy about it.


This meant to me that Jimmy really did like the guys on the team. He knew that he hated Brett and he knew that he hated the organization, but he did like the guys on the team. He first talked about not being able to play with the guys again and that obviously hurt him and you can't say that about the past teams he played with. Also his confidence of knowing they'd win that game in Overtime is nice additional dagger to this interview that I really didn't need.  


JJ's initial laugh to Jimmy's question "Do you think I'm hard to work with?" tells you all you need to know. YES JIMMY YOU ARE VERY HARD TO WORK WITH.  Look at your track record, that shit doesn't just come out of nowhere. Also the way he talked about "being controlled" sounds like it came right after we traded for him. Dude you completely embarrassed the entire Minnesota organization, while you were still playing with them. That is a horrible look for someone you are about to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into. It's a fair question to ask if you are able to keep someone under control. Not control like a puppet like you assume everyone is trying to do. 

All in all, it's not a great look. I like Brett, but I don't think he's a great coach, and he probably wont be back next year. However, I do think that Jimmy is crazy and if he doesn't get whatever the fuck he wants he's going to cry about it and let the entire world know that he's crying. Were we better with him? ABSOLUTELY. Did Brett do some shit that a good NBA coach shouldn't do? ABSOLUTELY. 

I really hope Brett gets asked questions about this tonight…