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Kate's Coronavirus Blog 'O The Day: Over 1,000 Dayton Flyers Take To The Streets As Police Break Out Riot Gear

I'm sure everyone's getting #CoronavirusFatigue at this point so I'm limiting myself to only one blog about it per day. Promise! Maybe!

More like Dayton Fly-off-the-handles, ha ha! Amiright folks? No? No one?

Students at the University of Dayton had themselves a time last night..  But before you make judgments reading the thread below that tracked the mayhem, a little context..

I have a (wonderful!) cousin that went there a few years ago (clearly making me an expert) & going off his Snapchat stories this really isn't crazy for the Flyers. They're a notoriously lawn-dwelling, block-partying, street-clogging people with a penchant for the occasional bottle-toss and last night appears to be par for the course. 

Some were calling it a protest/riot, but I think it was more of an impromptu end-of-the-year farewell Dayton style. This is especially likely since they won't be getting their usually massive Saint Patrick's Day banger (is that what the kids are calling it these days?) or the rest of their semester for that matter.

That's because the school announced yesterday that due to Coronavirus they will be suspending in-person classes & have asked students to return home and 'not come back after Spring break'. Very similar to what my Junior year boyfriend asked of me many years ago so I know how much that stings. Anyways, unfortunately for them classes will all be online from here on out. 

It's rough enough to have to pack up & go on such short notice, but for seniors especially this has to absolutely suuuuck... a zillion keg stands left undone. So what to do? Take to the streets for a big sendoff & naturally, it escalated quickly.




They join the ranks of schools like Washington State, U of Washington, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, Hofstra, U of California, Berkeley and others that are closing up shop for the year, but I think they're the only ones to go out in this particular style. Godspeed, Flyers… Godspeed.

***Obligatory "I do not condone fucking up innocent people's cars or throwing rocks & bottles at police (you're without a doubt an enormous asshole if you do this)". (But also, "It's A Dayton Thing™")