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Uncut Gem's Julia Fox Learned The Clown She Hated As A Kid Was Part Of An Oscar-Nominated Documentary On A Pedophilia Case

I can't find a picture with rights, but a simple google search can confirm that that's him on the top right. According to wiki:

"Capturing the Friedmans is a 2003 HBO documentary film directed by Andrew Jarecki. It focuses on the 1980s investigation of Arnold and Jesse Friedman for child molestation. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2003

Jarecki initially was making a short film, Just a Clown, which he completed, about children's birthday party entertainers in New York, including the popular clown David Friedman ("Silly Billy"). During his research, Jarecki learned that David Friedman's brother, Jesse, and his father, Arnold, had pleaded guilty to child sexual abuse, and the family had an archive of home movies. Jarecki interviewed some of the children involved and ended up making a film focusing on the Friedmans"

What a horrible realization to come to while looking at some fun nostalgia. Can you imagine sharing a home video of your family at a water park or something and BAM, the guy at the Lazy River kiosk is Pol Pot? It's too late to unshare something like that, which makes it all even worse. This wiki also took me a minute to digest because somehow the children's party clown wasn't the pedophile. I was certain I read it wrong for at least 5 minutes. 

I'm just glad that I don't think this will ever happen to me. Here is fun picture of me and my brother on Halloween circa '99, isn't that adorable!