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Doug Gottlieb Believes Kyrie Irving Returning Could Help The Celtics This Year In The Playoffs....Wait What?!?!?

Alright I'll be honest, I feel like I'm getting Punk'd here. My brain didn't know what the hell was going on as Doug Gottlieb was talking about Kyrie Irving returning from injury for the Celtics playoff run but at the same time showing clips from the other day. I had to watch it a few times because I was convinced this was a deep fake or something like that on the internet with the intention of being some sort of sick joke. You know, twisting the knife for Celtics fans since Kyrie said everything would be fine in the playoffs because they had him (they weren't, he quit vs MIL and can go right to hell for it). 

Here's what I think truly happened. Gottlieb simply confused Kemba with Kyrie. That has to be it. Everything he said does fit if you just swap Kemba in. They have been worse since he came back from his injury, and sometimes you have a brain fart and just keep saying the wrong name. At least that's what I hope happened here. It just sounds weird because A) Kyrie doesn't play for the Celtics anymore and B) He's out for the year. The only problem with my theory is it happened 3 times which feels like he truly meant Kyrie and to that I have no explanation. 

To make matters worse, he then deleted this tweet

which makes even less goddamn sense! The Jazz? What the hell is going on around here? What do Kyrie/Kemba have to do with the Jazz? They weren't even #3 on his list, that was the Bucks! Not only that, but #5 was the Raptors! 

I can say with absolute certainty that if the Celts were able to bring in Kyrie (healthy or not), it would not help this team in the playoffs. I've seen that movie before and Kyrie is very much not a playoff #1. Really didn't need that flashback from Doug right now. Things are tough enough right now with how this team is playing, my brain didn't need to go back to what life was like with that dickwad running the show.