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Alex Jones Arrested For DUI, Blames It On Hot Tub Use

“Jones blamed his arrest on the fact he was in a hot tub earlier in the evening.”

What a thread...

Having boozed in a hot tub too long a time or two myself I can say with full confidence that it will indeed fuck your world up, prune fingers aside. 

That being said, rough look for greasy human thumb, Alex Jones, who seems to have nothing but rough looks. (I mean, peep that WhiteSoxDave scruff on his face, ah-yikes!)

According to KVUE:

Austin resident and Infowars founder Alex Jones was charged with driving while intoxicated and taken to the Travis County Jail on Tuesday, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office told KVUE.

The 46-year-old was booked at the jail just after 12:30 a.m., the sheriff's office said. His charge is a class B misdemeanor.

Before anyone goes to defend him for the borderline BAC... This is the slob that used his sizeable platform to (among many other morally gross endeavors) proclaim that the Sandy Hook school shooting a “false flag hoax”, going on to say the parents of the 20 murdered children were “crisis actors.”

And now he’s trying (and probably succeeding) in profiting off the Coronavirus. From Media Matters:

On March 7, Infowars’ video platform posted an “emergency report” from Jones about the spread of coronavirus in which he said that “having antivirals, getting your immune system healthy, that is the answer.” He then said: “And yes, folks, we sell great antivirals like DNA Force Plus or great other systems out there that empower the mitochondrial DNA. And our SilverSol products like the Superblue toothpaste and other products. That is literally a stopgap against this.” The video has been viewed more than 350,000 times.

Ah, the anti-Coronavirus toothpaste is finally here. Phew.

The only person I feel sympathy for in this case is the police officer who had to deal with a sweaty, moist, post-hot tub heated, boozy Alex Jones. Besides the hot tub excuse, if he failed the "backwards alphabet" portion of the sobriety test it was probably only because he had too much chili. Am sure that whole ordeal was a treat.