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Good Vibes Video: Student Surprised With Acceptance Into The Air Force Academy

There's something about college acceptance videos that get me every time. Maybe it's that I remember standing at the bottom of my driveway, tearing the envelope open & seeing that finally! I got into... oh, that's right - I got rejected from Pitt. 

So perhaps I prefer positive college surprises compared to that one. (Narrator voice: Kate should not have been surprised. She failed algebra two times & was a C student all-around.)

Well this acceptance video is making the rounds today, and knowing how difficult it is to get into the service academies & that these young applicants are well aware they're striving for something more challenging than the average college experience (& into the future beyond that), this gave me some feels. This kid had to have worked HARD to make this happen (unless he's got an Aunt Becky, which I doubt): 

Breaking it down...

Right off the bat this tweet has several important elements putting it in the "West Texas Alliteration Category":

- Food

- Fuel

- Fiber

- Freedom Fighters

As for the video itself, there are several important elements putting it in the "Heartstrings Tugged Category": 

- Generic uplifting background music

- Surprise happy news as young person achieves a dream (key)

- Slight tears & smiling, but with maintained humility (VERY classy)

- Joy from mom & friends

-Patriotic West Texas vibes

Going off all the thoughtful, genuinely funny, wonderfully smart cadets we met at the Air Force Academy where he's going, Paone will be in good company.

Also, this generation of cadets will be the first in the Space Force… Paone could be the first Space Force Commander of our time who started out in that wing from the very beginning… (Maybe I'm just spitballing here but I think that might actually be accurate)… If so, congrats to me on being the first to blog about him. Exciting times! Congrats to this future doolie (am I cool enough to say that, Air Force people?) & best of luck, and hope he's ready for some badass training: