Was SIMP Nation To Blame For The Okay Boomer Girl's Twitter Account Getting Suspended?

You may have seen this video this past weekend. It comes to us via TikTok, where it has 250k views and now has over 15 million on Twitter. Neeko (I think that's her name) caused quite the stir for a video where she is just lip-syncing about boomers, but that's the social media landscape. 

Of the 15 million views on Twitter, more than a few of them came via the SIMPs. 

Unfortunately, Neeko's account was suspended after the video was taken down:

I'd assume this happened thanks to a DMCA takedown request by whoever owns the song "ok, boomer." However, some believed this had to do with SIMP nation after they found out that she had a boyfriend:

This speculation was only sped up after the original artist of the song 'Oki Doki Boomer' tweeted this:

So, who filed the copyright claim? Nobody knew.

The good news is that Neeko's account is very much back as the suspension was short-lived:

The SIMPing will continue.