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NY Gov. Cuomo: National Guard Called In As City Of New Rochelle Is Placed In 'Containment Zone'

Congratulations to me on writing this site's 10,000th coronavirus blog! (Don't worry, after I'm done celebrating I will write at least 20 more on the topic.)

On to more serious matters - Hold on to ya butts - We got a cluster, folks. And it's very close to NYC. 

Gov. Cuomo is right - This is a huge challenge to the state. How the hell do you contain that large of a population? As of 2017 New Rochelle had nearly 80,000 people with major rail lines in & out of NYC going right through it.. It's a major commuter hub. 

Here's the plan Cuomo laid out so far:

- VIRUS SCREENING - The state will deploy a satellite testing facility into the containment area since it's noted that even testing is an issue. Someone sick might be coming into contact with & infecting many others on their way to that testing… (though this could still happen within the containment zone making that area worse).

- MILITARY - National Guard troops are being deployed to a command post in the city 'to assist with the outbreak'. Sounds like they'll be used in a Seamless/Door Dash capacity delivering food & other items to homes. The real kicker is when he said they'll also be cleaning public spaces. Imagine getting activated & having to leave your regular day job to go clean pee puddles off the sidewalk at the New Rochelle Metro North Station. (And believe you me, there are a lotta pee puddles.) Thank you for your service. 

Also, this is where if I were a tin-foil hatter I'd start getting panicky. Is that a cloud or a giant glass bubble being lowered over the city? Do I hear a helicopter? That's more than I normally hear right? Oh my God…

If you hate your job or your are sick of your family my advice to you is to hurry up, book an AirBnB, & get into that containment zone as fast as you can.  Bam - At least 2 weeks to yourself. 

Also, if New Rochelle is struggling with coronavirus you better believe Old Rochelle is gonna have a helluva time. heh….   heh

Most importantly - How can I make this about me? 

Well when I lived in the Bronx many years ago & still knew where my car was, I'd often drive over to my favorite bagel spot in New Rochelle on the weekends & stroll around its 'Five Islands Park' on the Sound. 11 likes, stunning. And I mean, my God… Imagine if I had happened to take this picture TODAY?! I'd be IN the ZONE! This could be ME! I need to sit down… I'm brave for even talking about it. 

Speaking of brave, I checked in on our college pals up at Barstool Iona in New Rochelle to see how they were faring and they're cool as a cucumber. So calm in fact that it's almost like they are completely unaware & will probably remain so throughout the whole ordeal. National Guard, if you see this please deploy some bottomless wings their way.

Me & Iona aside, hopefully no one panics, these plans help control the spread, and those in the containment zone get any assistance they need in a timely manner. And hey, it's gotta be better than NYC's prisoners-making-jugs-of-hand-sanitzer-for-65-cents-an-hour plan right? 

And last - for those worrying about its proximity to Barstool Sports, worry not as we have VinDog & his live action memes on the watch.