Harvard Players Already Started Calling The Ivy League Out For Screwing Them Out Of A Chance To Make The NCAA Tournament

Good! This is what every single person on Harvard's roster from head coach to SID to players to managers should be doing. Bitching and moaning about what the Ivy League just did. You can't just cancel a tournament when Harvard is possibly the favorite to win it and give Yale the auto bid. Harvard finished just a game behind Yale in the standings, they SWEPT Yale and they just beat them by 14 on the last game of the regular season. It's a no-brainer that Harvard should be pissed and the Ivy League just completely fucked them over. 

This whole thing is a complete overreaction. We live with limits in everything else in life. I'm not trying to 'downplay' coronavirus, but we should just put reasonable limits in. Are you over the age of 65? Don't travel. Over the age of 55 (just using arbitrary numbers here) don't go sit in a stadium with 10,000 other people. You have to balance risk with controls. Reminding everyone to wash their hands? It lowers risk while also not really having too much of an impact on life itself. Cancelling schools or events like this? Is that a good control? Sure it would lower risk, but we have no idea by how much and it would be at an incredible cost to society.

The fact they went straight to cancelling the event instead of playing in an empty gym is criminal. You just straight up fucked kids over at a chance of making the NCAA Tournament. You fucked schools over (granted, it's the Ivy) of making money for everyone by making the NCAA Tournament. I refuse to believe that the 3 other teams that made the Ivy League Tournament were just cool sending Yale as the autobid. I hope every single player and coach starts screaming bullshit. Mind you teams expected a tournament to end the season and change strategy based on that.