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NFL 2K Is Finally Making A Comeback


The NFL and 2K Games announced a new agreement today that will see the publisher of NBA 2K and WWE 2K return to football, but EA’s long-running Madden NFL series will remain unchallenged in the high-end simulation market. 

GOOD MORNING! This might be the best news in video games since Modern Warfare was announced. NFL 2K5 was easily one of if not, the best football game ever created. The animations, the Chris Berman halftime shows, and the gameplay were absolute top notch. Ever since the most corrupt gaming company to ever exist, EA Sports, made a deal with the NFL for Madden to be the only football game to sell, 2K has been out of the picture for over a decade. So, what does this news mean?

Non-simulation means any kind of football game besides the NFL. Madden is unfortunately still the only series that can make NFL simulated games. There might not be an NFL 2K21, but there's a good chance there will be a XFL2K21 (if the league still exists), an All Pro Football 2K21, or even a new WWE 2K series. Either way, it's going to be better than the last 10 Maddens combined as they are all terrible and unrealistic. EA's attention to details are absolutely pathetic. Youtuber Ryan Moody has done an amazing job calling out Madden 20's piss poor flaws and how 2K5 has much better gameplay and mechanics.

I've always dreamed of 2K making a comeback. They're now one step closer of pulling the knife out of their back and sticking back into EA Sports. There's some bad people in this world, but not everyone deserves to suffer by playing another shitty Madden every year. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get rid of this morning wood and get the day going.