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Ohio State Has Cancelled All In-Person Classes Through March 30th Due To The Coronavirus

I know what some of you coronavirus hardos are probably thinking right now.....

Wow, this is what dreams are made of. Three random ass people in the northeast corner of the state got coronavirus, and the very next day one of the largest schools in the country shuts down. What a horrible overreaction by Ohio State, but hey, the kids will take it. Could you imagine being in college and getting to miss 20 days in a row? Back in my day, you'd flunk out. With coronavirus, they literally won't let you go to class. I'm sure all of the fine undergrads are taking this quarantine VERY seriously. I'm sure the bars aren't packed at all right now. I'm sure everyone is concerned about this low-grade version of the flu and won't be enjoying the 60 degree whether and day drinking specials on campus. Remember, if you'e not careful, you could maybe get a queazy stomach for a couple days. SAFETY FIRST.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Think whatever you want, but I'm not going to be the one to talk shit about coronavirius. That's how karma will come back and get you. But while I do think that cancelling classes for TWENTY DAYS is perhaps the biggest overreaction in the history of overreactions, I'm so glad someone finally broke the seal in this state. Ohio State has closed the entire state should close down. If your place of work doesn't shut down and wait until this supposed "weak ass flu" passes, are they saying that the lives of Ohio State students are more important than your employees? I certainly hope not. The only people that are more important are Justin Fields, Ryan Day, and the rest of the football team. Definitely not 50,000 undergrads. If they need to be kept safe, so do the rest of us. Shut down the state and let's all stay healthy together......while still getting paid.

Speaking of football though, this brings me to my next point: Ohio State is cancelling all "non-essential" activities. Spring practice and workouts BETTER be considered essential. If they aren't, I'd like to see the list of what is considered more important. Because these boys are on a revenge tour that hasn't been seen by the people of this country since Michigan beat Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Penn State in a row back in 2018, before getting humbled in a close 62-39 game in Columbus. Anyways, point being, cancel the classes if you want, but football practice must go on.

So yeah, congrats to The Ohio State students today. What a huge victory.....and the refs can't even take this one away.