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The Official Barstool Best Bar Bracket Has Been Released





I gotta say....what a great job by the committee. The only issue I have is not including Mugz's from Fordham. They are without a doubt a better bar than The Rathskeller at SUNY Whatever. Definitely better than Maxi's at Temple. The Firstie at Army? No disrespect to the troops, but can they even go out to bars? Mugz's should've been in. 

My bias aside, we head into the 1st round with some awesome matchups brought to you by Grubhub+. Get 10% Cashback on every Grubhub+ order, plus unlimited free delivery on all your favorite on-campus restaurants.

The South Region has the best matchups. South Carolina vs. North Carolina. Bama vs. Clemson. Tennessee vs. Florida. 

Here's to hoping that things get crazy out there like they did last year. I need the chaos!