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Yankees Barstool at the Ball Park Tickets Are On Sale Now!!!

I woke up today and stepped outside my apartment to the smell of Spring. It's fucking baseball season baby. You know what that also means? Barstool at the Ball Park season! Inject it into my veins right this second. We've got four games right now with tickets on sale and I cannot wait to get after it. The four dates I hand picked were Saturday May 9th 4:05 PM against the Sox, Saturday 7:15 PM June 27th against the Cubs, Sunday Night Baseball 7:05 PM July 26th against the Sox, and JUDGEMENT DAY MONDAY SEPTEMBER 21st 7:05 PM against the Astros. 

Yup, the first Astros game in Yankee Stadium we're doing Barstool at the Ball Park. I know it's a Monday, but take the day off and get down to the stadium early. It'll be one of those games you're talking about for years to come. Use any of the hyperlinks above or this one below to buy your tickets. Reminder that with your ticket comes access to the Mastercard Batter's Eye Deck in centerfield where there is unlimited food and beer for 90 minutes before first pitch. So if there's a 4:00 start the deal starts at 2:30 and goes until 4:00. Come hang with Mush, Tommy, myself, and who else knows from the office as we enjoy some baseball. Nothing better. 

Everyone enter through Gate 8 on gameday. It's the one on the train tracks side of the stadium and gets you in quickest. Everyone always waits on the other gates and it blows my mind. Gate 8. Gate 8. Gate 8. 

It's going to be an awesome season, hope to see everyone there. Go Yanks.