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The Philadelphia Flyers Have Won 9 Games In A Row But Now The Players Are Fighting Each Other At Practice

Things have been going great for the Flyers lately. They've won 9 straight games in regulation and in 8 of those games, they scored 4 or more goals. This team is buzzing and they're currently tied for 1st place in the Metro division. The more this streak continues, the more it looks like they'll be able to have home ice advantage in the playoffs, where the Flyers are the best team in the league at home. So pretty much everything aside from a few injuries have been going their way over the last month or so. What could possibly cause these guys to be dropping the mitts and practice at fighting each other? 

Two words. 

Picture day. 

It's called accountability. It's called leadership. Do you think there's any legitimate contender out there whose leader would allow something like this to go unpunished at practice? You think that there's any captain in the history of the National Hockey League who would let their guys dick around during picture day without having to eat a few fists afterward? For sure not. You wear that 'C' on your sweater for a reason and it's reasons precisely like this one right here. No goofy faces. No putting bunny ears on the guy in front of you. It doesn't help that Laughton's face is naturally goofy but still. The captain needs to keep his boys accountable at all times, even if that's during picture day. 

And that's exactly why this Flyers team is built for a deep deep Cup run this year. They have the skill. They have the depth. They have the goaltending. And they have great leadership. There's not a single flaw to be found here and that makes me absolutely terrified. I really don't know if my body can handle a Cup celebration here in Philly.