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This German Woman's Meal is The Wurst I've Ever Seen

This video gets exponentially worse with every second that elapses. At first, I thought it might be one of those weird keto meals that is 40,000 calories but only 14 net carbs. I'm not beyond eating giant chunks of mozzarella off the block, so I wasn't judging. Then she added the sauce, which has too high of a sugar content for this to remain keto. But whatever, maybe this is some demented lasagna. Then everything went off the rails when Greta cracked open the Can-O-Hotdogs and started laying them out like a log cabin. What the fuck? AND she starts throating one of the dawgs in action I usually have to pay $12.99 monthly on OnlyFans for! 

Right when I thought it couldn't get much worse, out comes the full-size Wonka bars for the roof on this house of horrors.  I still can't tell what the gelatin cylinders are that she put on after that are. Perhaps some sort of cranberry sauce?  And, of course, ketchup as the final garnish. Of course, I had to do more research into this woman and program so that I could watch every minute of content they had, especially since the clip I had doesn't have sound. This is the show in question:

From what I could tell, it was basically 'My Strange Addiction' for Germany. All the clips I could find from the show had ironclad country of origin protections which stopped me and an alleged .de VPN from watching. Bloody shame. If there are any German stoolies out there that have the hookup on this program, hit my DM's (no scheisse porn, I beg you). Danke schoen!