#Braxit Update: Brady Told Charlie Weis 'Nobody Knows Anything'

Charlie Weis on Golic and Wingo, describing a text exchange he had with Tom Brady:

"I actually texted busting his chops saying, 'Isn't it hilarious that a 42 year old quarterback is controlling all the conversation about free agency?' And he texted back saying 'Look it; nobody knows anything.' And I said 'Well, they all seem like they know everything.' 

"I don't ever talk to Tommy about subjects like this because I don't want to be that pain in the butt friend who says 'Can you give me a scoop so I can tell everyone?' But I told him that every time I turn around this person said this or this person said that and he goes, ' Well then, clean it up. Tell them that if I don't know, how is anyone else gonna know?'

"So, the bottom line here is that, he hasn't made a decision. I don't know if the Patriots have made a decision. But I can tell you that the people in the know, certainly are not talking. So, for all those media types who sit there and say, 'Here's what's happening,' They have no clue."

Now the cynic might point out that Charlie Weis is, in fact, a media type and is, in fact, saying "Here's what's happening." But that would be a mischaracterization. Charlie Weis is in Tom Brady's inner circle. The man who first trained the baby GOAT to do tricks.

Theirs is a bond unlike any other. This, after all, is the offensive coordinator who trusted a 24 year old Brady enough to tell him play for the win in a tied Super Bowl on his own 17 with 1:21 left. There is no bullshit between these two. But there is plenty of bullshit among media types exploiting this situation for ratings and pageviews. Mountains of it, to hear Weis' recounting of the conversation. 

The only logical conclusion to take away from this, the most credible report we've heard so far, is that the Patriots are not worried. 

Bill Belichick is not going to bid against himself. He never has, and he's not going to start now, even when it comes to his most important player ever by a factor of infinity. He's waiting to see if the CBA proposal is approved by the players and then proceed with a rational, reasonable, fiscally responsible offer once he has all the information. But not an hour before. He wants to know the financial landscape, what the cap will be and what he can do with Brady's $13 million dead cap hit before he puts numbers on a paper.

Of course there's risk in the approach. But this approach is the rock upon which his castle is built and he's not going to give it up just to reduce my stress drinking. Like the captain of the Dallas puts it in "The Hunt for Red October," the hardest part about playing chicken is knowing when to flinch. And for Belichick it is not yet time. 

I'm sure it's not easy on Brady. (For sure it's not for me and every person on this Earth I care about.) Doubt about your future never is. But it's also what he bargained for at the negotiating table last year and Belichick is giving it to him. 

I still believe in the end a deal gets done. That Belichick has done all the math and has a two column proof where at the end X = Brady. But that deal is going to be done on his schedule and his schedule alone. And any media speculation that says otherwise should be treated like the uninformed nonsense it is. Except for what Charlie Weis says.