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If You Would Not Get Injected With Coronavirus for $4,500, You Are a Fool

Daily Mail — Volunteers could be paid £3,500 to be infected with the coronavirus as scientists race to find a vaccine.

The Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre, London, is recruiting 24 people for the study. 

They will be injected with two weaker strains of the deadly virus – which has killed more than 3,800 people worldwide – giving them similar respiratory symptoms.

A jab developed by the company Hvivo will then be tested. Patients will remain in quarantine for two weeks to see if it is successful.

Sign me up. Finally a government doing something worthwhile with taxpayer dollars.

Would I like to get a little more than $4,500 to be injected with the global pandemic virus that has caused a mass panic across the globe? Sure. But anyone with half a brain knows that the only people that have died from this thing are the olds and we'll be fine. Give me coronavirus right now.

And I'm not entirely sure how vaccines work, but I'm pretty sure that's what they are anyway. Like, the flu vaccine is literally injecting you with the flu — again, not 100 percent sure on that, but I think that's the idea. So I'm just getting a head start on this coronavirus vaccine everybody wants and getting a nice payday for it. We're all going to end up with this thing anyway, let's just get out ahead of it.

And all this is without even mentioning the free two-week vacation. All I have to do is get a shot and you'll hand me a $4,500 check and make me watch Netflix and play video games for two weeks? Yeah, I'll take my chances.

Anyone who wouldn't do this is either paranoid or doesn't appreciate the value of a dollar because I'd do damn near anything for five grand. I'm actually not sure how far you could get me to go before there's something I wouldn't do for $4,500. It's honestly a little concerning as I'm running through things in my mind and how relatively little money I'd do them for.

But go ahead and inject me with the corona. I dare you.