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Mets Fans Absolutely Mindfucked Alex Bregman By Banging On Trash Cans Before Bregman Struck Out Looking At A Fastball

Here I thought the Astros were just going to have to deal with out of control fans booing them like they were a team of wrestling heels 81 times a year and the occasional fastball lodged directly into their back. However it turns out they are also going to have to hear a bunch of garbage cans get banged on and the mental gymnastics their brains will play on them.

I know Bregman may have gone down on strikes from that hot stinky cheddar no matter what. But there is also a chance his brain has been programmed to think an off speed pitch was coming due to the rhythmic percussion coming from behind him. As every baseball announcer has told me, baseball players are creatures of habit. See ball, hit ball. Well if they have been trained to hear bang, see ball, hit ball, it could fuck up the whole operation if that bang can't be trusted. It's one thing to not know what pitch is coming. It's quite another to think you know but maybe it's a trick and before you can figure it out, the ball is past you. Strike 3, you're out at the old ballgame. 

What do you think Pavlov’s dogs would be like if they heard bells ringing without any treats appearing? Saliva puddles for days. Why wouldn't the Astros get mindfucked in the same way? I don't know if Mets fans just completely ruined the Astros 2020 season before it even started, but if they did, you are welcome baseball. I am officially selling on all Astros players in fantasy baseball this season*. And if Carrabis is smart, he will challenge Bregman to a wiffle ball rematch tomorrow and have Dallas Braden bang on trash cans like he's Animal from The Muppets.

*JK, I'm not selling on Astros players in fantasy. I just hope the idiots in my league read this blog and think I am. Shit, I probably shouldn't have included this in the blog too. Ummmm, I'm back to selling Astros players in fantasy this season