Wake Up With The Victory Auto Wreckers Commercial

Give some credit to one of the OG commercials on TV period. They released this one right around the advent of color television and haven't looked back since. It's whay makes Victory Auto Wreckers a mainstay in the national advertising landscape. Just yesterday they ran it during the Lakers/Clippers game on NBC. Then it was on during Illinois/Iowa. I watched it another 5-6 times last time in my dreams. Like corona, once Victory Auto gets in your brain you're totally fucked. Just rolling visions of that guy dropping a car door on his foot. 

Once upon a time someone tried to talk Eagle Man shit to me but you knew it was a flash in the pan. Yes Eagle Man is more absurd, but I'm about consistency and durability. I don't care if Eagle Man has a couple huge years when I'm after decades of legacy. That's why Victory Auto is my #1 commercial of my life. 

Honorable Mention: Wazzup (frogs) the dog who could only say "sausages"