The Celtics Blew Another Game In Extremely Pathetic Fashion

I mean what the hell is going on right now? Another home loss, this now makes four in a row. Not only that, the losses come by the way of a blown 17 point lead, a blown 21 point lead, a blown 11 point lead and then today another blown 18 point lead. I don't even know what to say. Just when you thought it was almost impossible to lose while up 5 with 10 seconds against the Nets all because the Celtics couldn't inbound the ball, look at what we had tonight. Inbound this ball cleanly and you win this game. Instead Kemba dribbles back towards his own basket, gets stripped and you lose by 1. To make matters worse the Celts missed two straight layups by both Kemba and Tatum and also had a Hayward missed FT down the stretch. An inexcusable choke job that has become the norm as of late and it makes me want to fucking puke. Honestly I've never seen anything like this before. The Celtics are losing games in ways that literally no other team is losing. Repeatedly. Four straight home losses all by blowing double digits is simply unacceptable. Make your fucking layups and inbound the basketball. To think this professional basketball team continues to struggle at both of those things makes me want to scream.

With all of these collapses you can pretty much kiss the 2 seed goodbye. Toronto isn't slowing down. Blowing games at home at this time of the year is how you fuck up your entire postseason run. That's what is so annoying about all of this. All of these were games you should have won. Instead you puked on yourself and found embarrassing way after embarrassing way to lose. Pathetic.