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The Rams Leaked New Logo Is Barf On Barf On Barf

What in the world is that? Is that some sort of joke? You know what it is? I figured it out. Much like when the Chargers put out their "new logo" and it got ridiculed and mocked into the 5th ring of hell, that's what the Rams have done here too. Put out the ugly one, everyone makes fun of it, and then you just swoop in with plan B and everyone goes "well at least it's not that first one". 

That thing is abysmal, man. Except I do like that part of it looks like the St. Louis Arch, I hope to heaven that was intentional. There are also rumors on the interwebz that the hat is just the hat, and this is the real logo....

I mean there's just no way they will be keeping that. Whatever 10th grade computer science kid made that at recess will get a B+ on the assignment, but I think they should let a professional handle it moving forward. 

But lemme tell ya, I am hoping they double down on it. I'm just imagining them taking those classic Rams jerseys and helmets and completely botching them. Let's get some chaos out of this, shall we?