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Washington's All-Time Leading Scorer Wins A State Title And Immediately Turns Into Ricky Bobby During Postgame Interview

Love the move from this kid. Oh you just won a state title and you're Washington's all-time leading scorer? Yeah, people won't remember that as much as also being the kid who goes viral for dropping Ricky Bobby quotes into your postgame interview. 

I needed him to really play into the bit though and start doing weird things with his hands. Just play into it the entire way. The impressive thing is this movie came out in 2006 so the Ryan Moffet was probably 4 or so when it came out. This is a vintage movie for a high school senior. 

Wonder what he would do if Will Ferrell was his ref? 

Love it. Just an A+ interview. I need this kid to be playing Division I next year and need him in the NCAA Tournament. This would preferably happen with him on a mid-major as the kid who goes off for like 32 in the first round.

Just a well-executed movie quote here.