Stephen Jackson Told An Unreal Story About The Crazy Strip Club Fight Back In 2006

Stories like these are the exact reason why we need to always surround Stephen Jackson with a microphone or a camera. Now some of you may not remember the famous Club Rio shootout back in 2006, shit, there are probably a few stoolies reading right now who may have not even been alive when this all went down. Man that's a mindfuck. Anyway, this all went down back in early October 2006 before the season started and here's a little more background

Indiana Pacers guard Stephen Jackson fired shots in the air in apparent self-defense after he was hit by a car outside a strip club early Friday -- the latest blow to a team struggling to rebuild its image.

Pacers coach Rick Carlisle said Jackson and teammates Jamaal Tinsley, Marquis Daniels and Jimmie Hunter committed an "error in judgment" by staying out late during training camp. No one was seriously injured.

"Stephen is very lucky," Carlisle said. "It was a potential life-threatening situation that was averted. And right now, the biggest emotion I feel is relief that he's going to be OK."

Police said the disturbance began with an argument inside Club Rio involving patrons and players. The players said they left the club, but the patrons followed them. Then things turned physical.

Sgt. Matthew Mount, a police spokesman, said Jackson fired five shots from a 9mm pistol outside the Indianapolis club after he was hit in the mouth and struck by a car that sent him tumbling onto the hood. Officers were searching for the vehicle and three men wanted for questioning.

Carlisle said Jackson needed stitches in his lip and face but had no broken bones or other damage. His status for Wednesday's preseason opener against New Jersey was unclear.

"He's got some scrapes and bruises, but this guy is going to bounce back," Carlisle said.

Police said a small amount of marijuana was found in the passenger-side door of the car belonging to Tinsley. Carlisle declined to comment on that, saying he didn't have enough information. Mount said no arrests were made because police could not determine who had the marijuana. Three others were in the car with Tinsley, police said.

Personally I think it's way more entertaining to hear Stephen Jackson describe it. You see Matt Barnes' face? Dude was grinning ear to ear just like the rest of us because even he thought the story sounded completely outrageous. You know it's true or at the very least mostly true with just a little embellishment. Even Barnes thinks Jackson is one crazy motherfucker. That was like some shit you see in a movie, getting hit by cars, shooting at it, the whole nine. Remember, this was only 2 years after the Malice at the Palace so for a team desperately trying rebuild their image, this wasn't great. That 2006 Pacers team honestly deserves its own 30 for 30 or something, what a group that was. You had Jamaal Tinsley, Stephen Jackson, Marquis Daniels, Jermaine O'Neal, Al Harrington, Ike Diogu (shoutout ASU), a young Danne Granger I mean you know there are a million more stories like this one just waiting to be told to the masses. Someone needs to get on that immediately. 

Anyway, that was a rough season for the Pacers, they went 35-47 which snapped their playoff streak of 9 straight years, Rick Carlisle left that summer and they entered the Jim O'Brien era which....wasn't great (I can relate). I can't imagine why maybe the year didn't go as planned, but all I really care about now is hearing more stories from that season. I'm going to assume that given the fact the Pacers most likely were out of it with a chunk of their schedule left, there were absolutely more late night strip club shenanigans.