Breaking News: KFC Has Never Seen Back To School


So yesterday on the rundown we were talking about that chick who fell off the high dive and slammed into like 3 different diving boards on her way down. I compared it to the Triple Lindy and could tell right away that KFC had no idea what I was talking about. I was as stunned and disappointed in him as I’ve ever been in anybody in my life. How can you never have seen Back to School? I was getting ready to rip him a new asshole and say how he can’t ever be trusted with anything again when I started to wonder whether this is just a generational gap. Does this just show how old I am? Is it possible I’ve turned into my dad talking about black and white movies that were great in his day? Please tell me that isn’t the case. I need to hear that KFC is just an inbred hick with no class or decorum or appreciation off great movies. I need to hear that Back to School is a timeless classic regardless of age, creed or gender.

Vote 1 for KFC is a bum and it doesn’t matter how old you are if you’ve never seen Back To School You’re A Bum and vote 10 for KFC is a Bum



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