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That. Was. Awesome.: Watch Belmont's BEAUTIFUL Game-Winner To Win The OVC And Send Them To The NCAA Tournament

What just a ridiculously awesome game between Belmont and Murray State. Not only that, but it's been a hell of a day in the college hoops world with a bunch of comebacks and game-winners. But this is one that is sending Belmont to the NCAA Tournament. It's the most Belmont play you can imagine, especially when you consider legendary coach Rick Byrd was in attendance and Belmont head coach Casey Alexander played for Byrd at Belmont. A perfect design out of a timeout. Spread them out with a bunch of shooters, put the ball in a playmakers hand and have one of your best players in Tyler Scanlon make the backdoor cut. You can't really help off of anyone because of the shooting on the floor. Just pure basketball porn. 

2 down, 66 to go.