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Weekend Wake Up: The 100 Best Quotes From The Wire

Pound for pound, The Wire is the best television show ever. You can say it's an opinion, but it's basically a fact. I loved Breaking Bad, I love Curb, I love Seinfeld, I love Friends, but nothing will ever beat The Wire. Everything about it was so ahead of its time. The characters are second to none, the storylines are literally real things that happened (and are still happening) in Baltimore, and it has some of the best quotes you'll ever hear. Now these 100 quotes aren't in the a 100-1 list, they just go from when the show started. It's hard for me to pick my 100% favorite, but anything Omar or Marlo says is great. Give it a watch, and I won't say #SpoilerAlert on this blog because the show has been over for 12 years. If you haven't seen it, that's your fault.