NFL Defends Ray Rice 2 Game Suspension Making It Seem Like They Were 1 Step Short Of The Death Penalty




ESPN – NFL senior vice president of labor policy Adolpho Birch strongly disagreed Monday that the league’s two-game suspension of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for domestic violence arrest was too light.

“Listen, I think if you are any player and you think that based on this decision that it’s OK to go out and commit that kind of conduct, I think that is something that I would suggest to you that no player is going to go out and do that,” Birch said Monday. “So in terms of sending a message about what the league stands for, we’ve done that. We can talk about the degree of discipline, we can talk about whether or not third parties need to be involved. I would suggest to you that a third party has been involved in this matter and that was the court that reviewed it, the prosecutor that reviewed it. “But if it is a question about what the principle of the league is and what standards we stand by, that cannot be questioned. I think it is absolutely clear to all involved that the NFL does not condone domestic violence in any way and will not tolerate it in our league. I don’t know how you can reach a conclusion other than that although I certainly respect the opinion.” “The discipline that was taken by the NFL is the only discipline that occurred, with respect to Mr. Rice, in this case,” Birch said. “I think that, were he not an NFL player, I don’t know that he would be able to receive any punishment from any other source. “On balance, we reviewed all the materials, listened to the persons we listened to, took the input of the Players Association. When we looked on balance at all of that, we believe that discipline we issued is appropriate. It is multiple games and hundreds of thousands of dollars. I think that’s fair to say that doesn’t reflect that you condone the behavior. I think we can put that to rest.


It must be awesome to work for the NFL. They are so powerful, so arrogant, so untouchable that they can just spit in everybody’s face and not even apologize for it. They can tell everybody it’s 84 and sunny outside when you’re in the middle of a typhoon. I mean I love that line in the beginning of this rant. That if any players think based on this decision it’s ok to beat women he doesn’t think that’s the case. What does that even mean? Seriously what does that mean? Is the league patting itself on the back because their decision isn’t actually encouraging domestic violence? That’s what it sounds like. Bottomline is trying to justify this makes it a million times worse. Like I already know the NFL has my balls in a vice grip. That’ doesn’t mean they have to twist them and dance on my head just for fun. I mean tell me you don’t like my firm, tell me you don’t like my idea,tell me you don’t like my fuckin neck tie, but don’t tell me the NFL sent a message that it is against Domestic Abuse. No it didn’t. Stop treating me like an infant.  The NFL basically said you can beat women and we don’t give a fuck.