How About Taylor Rain Being Some Hotshot Realtor In LA Now?


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One of the all-time greats. The Greeks get a lot of credit for inventing anal but in my heart of hearts I’m pretty sure Taylor Rain did. I’m not sure if she’s ever had vaginal sex in her entire life. Nonetheless, I always wondered where she went. Disappeared off the face of the earth before I was like 18 years old. Well, found her! She’s out in LA still just selling condos. Can you imagine going to look at a place, knocking on the door and having Taylor Rain answer dressed as a real estate agent? Hooooly shit she’s about to ask me what she can do to get me in this house and I’m going to say a blowjob and then she’s going to suck my dick, is the only rational thought that could run through your head. You would 100% think you just somehow ended up in a realtor porn. Frankly I don’t know how anyone agrees to buy a condo from her without fucking her first, real missed opportunity there.



PS – Does Taylor know what the internet is? Did she not think anyone would recognize her if she went on the news? If you’re a pornstar in the real world now, probably best to fly under the radar. Or is she trying to use her former fame to her advantage now? And if that’s the case, why not go by Taylor Rain instead of Nicole Price?



h/t Stallant