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There Has Never Been A More Outrageous Look Than Roy Williams And Coach K Acting Like Cool Guys With This Handshake

Whoa check out these old guys staying hip. Wonder how many times they practiced this in the mirror? 'Okay Roy, it's left arm, right arm, smile.' I don't know how you can be a top recruit and see this and be like yep, that's who I'm gonna go play for. At least Roy can be a funny senile old man by wandering the streets of Chapel Hill playing craps on his iPad. K on the other hand? He's 100% the grumpy ass grandpa that you dread seeing. 100% the guy that hands out pencils for Halloween. 

I know the coronavirus is supposed to be serious or whatever, but I will never stop laughing at how outrageous these handshakes are for hoops. Especially when you have these two guys who are 69 (nice) and 73 years old forearm bumping and smiling like they just learned how to download porn on Kazaa in 2001.