West Virginia Hooper Starts Senior Day Off By Proposing To His Girlfriend In Front Of The Storm Chasers

A little torn on this proposal now that I'm older in age. One on hand, it's tough to have a better start to a game day if you're Chase Harler here. You get engaged to your girlfriend and get the nod in the starting lineup against Baylor, a game that WVU really needs to win here. On the other hand? You're doing this before the game. What if you lose? Feel like that's a bit of a damper on the day. 

The other thing? You took the surprise out of it all! She knew it was coming the moment he turned back around after talking to his dad. You gotta be quicker with the question and movement to the knee when you get the ring box in your hand, otherwise you get this look for a quick second. 

But if they win this game? Oh talk about a day. Got some special people there watching. 

Really, I just hope this means we get a picture of Bob Huggins at the wedding in a suit/tux.