Rate Stephen A. Smith's Apology


I give this apology a C -.   I gave it an A+ in terms of sincerity and appearing really apologetic.   However he lost 2 letter grades because I’m still not sure what he meant by the fact that he didn’t articulate his point clearly.  I think he did.  He said women have to do a better job of not provoking men to beat them.  That’s what he said.  That’s what he meant.   He fucked up bad.   So while he seemed truly apologetic here he stopped short of taking responsibility for his comments.  He basically apologized for being confusing and for people who misconstrued his comments, but not for having a ridiculous and antiquated belief system.   In other words he kind of took the cowards way out.  At least that’s my take.

Either way kinda crazy Kurt Minihane got suspended a week for essentially saying if Erin Andrews was fat she’s be a waitress and Stephen A got no games for saying chicks need to do a better job at not provoking guys to beat them.   To quote Don King…Only in America!