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The All Hockey Hair Team Videos Taking You Into The Weekend

Unfortunately I'm pretty sure last year was the final year for the All Hockey Hair Team videos. In a way, it's probably for the best. It kind of falls under the category of "you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain". Eventually all great things must come to an end and I think the Hockey Hair Team videos ended at a perfect spot where we still want more, but we were still given plenty over the years. I'm sure there will be someone else out there who takes the idea this year if the same guy actually follows through with his word and doesn't make another video, but let's just all agree to respect the originals and keep it pure. It was one of the very few video series that was able to transition from the early internet over to the modern internet, and that's honestly one of the most impressive accomplishments in human history. 

So sit back, relax, grab your favorite bottle of dressing and enjoy some of the crispiest salad you've ever seen. The type of endless salad that would put Olive Garden out of business. 

Have a great weekend, ya beauts. And don't forget that you can stream the rest of the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament here on 45tv