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Which Of These Potential NBA Trade Deadline Deals Do You Wish Happened?

Now that the NBA trade deadline is in the rearview mirror we're now in my second favorite part of the season. We get to learn about all the trades that didn't happen. Some of the rumors we heard about during all the craziness, but some come as a surprise. For Celtics fans this is when we learn how close Danny Ainge was on a number of trades only for them to fall apart at the last second. It's great. Well, friend of the program Shams 

gave us a little insight into some trades that ultimately fell apart or were flat our rejected and they did not disappoint.

The Nuggets wanted Jrue Holiday

He says the Nuggets tried to make a massive trade before the deadline, but didn't mention the exact names. I find that rather annoying because that's a trade that most definitely could have helped shape the top of the Western Conference. Holiday makes $26M so it would have to take a good amount to get there, but maybe a package around Malik Beasley (who ended up getting traded) and Gary Harris ($21M)? Harris hasn't really played all that well this season and it wouldn't shock me if they tried to flip both those dudes for another two way guard, especially when defense is one of the Nuggets bigger issues. Could they have maybe put MPJ in that deal? He's in and out of Mike Malone's rotation and makes low money. While I get why the Pelicans didn't bite, I am intrigued by adding MPJ to the young talent the Pelicans already have.

Phoenix tried to snag Aaron Gordon

Unless the plan here was to swap Kelly Oubre Jr who makes $15M and then some filler to get to Gordon's $19M, I'm not sure how the Suns get there. And seeing as how we're talking about Kelly Oubre and filler no wonder the Magic weren't interested. It would have been cool to see Gordon play with a pass first point guard in Ricky Rubio (unless HE was in the deal but ORL has a PG so probably not), this is one of those trades where it would have mostly been "meh" for both sides.

Dallas was a sneaky mystery team trying to get Danilo Gallinari

Now this has my interest. All deadline we heard about the Gallo to MIA rumors, but I feel like we didn't hear much about DAL. He makes $22M but the Mavs are one of the few teams that have a bunch of 4-12M contracts so they theoretically could make the money work. I can't imagine why the Thunder would trade with a team that is directly competing with them in the West standings, it's not like they are blowing it up or anything like that, but I can't lie adding Gallo to Luka/Porzingis would have been very very fun. That's a matchup nightmare that unfortunately we'll never see.

The Lakers tried to flip Alex Caruso for Derrick Rose

I mean that's just laugh out loud funny. I get it, the Pistons were blowing everything up and selling off all their assets, but the idea that they would be down for a guy who has shown to be a legit 20 point scorer for Alex fucking Caruso and some dogshit draft picks is hilarious. I know what they gave up Andre Drummond for, but this is different. They actually want Rose for future seasons, and I don't care what his defensive numbers look like or how popular he is with Lakers Twitter, no shit the Pistons laughed in their face and rejected the offer. That's some beautiful Lakers hubris right there you almost have to respect it. 

As we know, the Lakers didn't make a trade and just brought in Dion Waiters, and frankly I'm happy it went this direction. Not just because DRose is the better player, but because adding Waiters provides way more blogging material.

For me, I wish the Nuggets and Mavs trades went through because I feel like those could swing a playoff series. I'm also shocked there was zero mention of Danny Ainge and the Celts in this reporting. Not hearing they were at the 1 yard line on a major deal only for it to fall apart was something I was absolutely expecting when I opened that story. No rumors, no reported offers, nothing. How disappointing.