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March Madness Is Officially Here: Drake Just Made History At The MVC Tournament Beating UNI

I posed this question earlier today on Twitter. What individual conference game really gives you the feeling that March is here? For me it's typically the OVC title game (first bid handed out) or the MVC title game on Sunday (CBS spot, always a good game). But, this? This is why these 2 weeks of conference tournaments are so fucking fun. You just never know when something is going to happen. 

A 1 seed in the MVC Tournament has never lost in the quarterfinals. They just always advanced. Hell, UNI was a heavy favorite not just to win this game, but to win the MVC Tournament. Instead Drake kicked their ass. They jumped out to an early lead and literally couldn't miss. UNI cut the lead in the second half to 2, but Drake took control and ended up blowing it open again.

Why is this significant? Well, besides the bracket now opening up for Loyola Chicago as the 2 seed and history being made, this just knocked UNI out of the NCAA Tournament. They had to win this thing to get in. They came in today as a projected 12 seed on Bracketmatrix (the site that combined every bracketologist) which is not an at-large team. They have 1 quad 1 win (Colorado). They just suffered their 3rd quad 3 loss. You add that loss to an already iffy resume? See ya. 

Nothing better than March. Give me mayhem the next 2 weeks.