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The Chargers Have Resigned Austin Ekeler, Much To Mickstape's Dismay

This is a great deal for the Chargers. $24.5 million in total value puts him squarely between Duke Johnson's $15,610,000 and Lamar Miller's $26,000,000 in total value, and his guaranteed money is between Miller's $14,000,000 and Christian McCaffrey's $17,241,304. I'm no expert, but this looks pretty good to me. 

I had to use Miller's 2018 stats cause he didn't play last year, and I'm not including McCaffrey because he's still on his rookie deal. Anyway, this is financially great for the chargers. In Ekeler, you get a dude that averaged 6.9 yards per touch with 1550 total yards from scrimmage last year. I still don't think he is a fantastic rusher (34th in rushing yards, 45th in rushing yards per game, and 35th in yards per rush), but he is a fantastic football player. Thats the type of guy you want on your team for the long term. Even if he is a FitSpo guy.

Melvin Gordon was already said to be testing FA this summer, but I think this may be the final indicator that he is going elsewhere. Also, shoutout to the Mickstape boys Coley and Tyler, who have been shit talking Ekeler all year long. Fellas, I hate to say I told you so, BUT....