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Urban Outfitters Is Selling An Anti-Plastic Book That Is Wrapped In Plastic


Don’t judge an anti-plastic book by its cover, even if it’s wrapped in plastic.

An eagle-eyed customer browsing inside an Urban Outfitters in London couldn’t help but see the irony when she came across one of the hardcover books in the store. The book claimed to offer readers new ways to be freed from plastic, but she noticed something odd: The book itself was wrapped in plastic.

Oh boy. I'm sure customers of Urban Outfitters are gonna love this. 

As a former retail extraordinaire (I was a "Jean Expert", not a big deal), I never really understood the little knick-knacks that clothing retailers sell. This book - while reaching the edgy, hip demographic at a store as cool as Urban Outfitters - is a prime example of that. No, it shouldn't belong anywhere near a retail store. However, these stores all liter their shelves with this garbàge so that they can make a quick buck off of consumers.

You have no idea how many times I was tasked with re-stocking the supply of the "World's Smallest Stretch Armstrongs" during my tenure at the Eagle (aka American Eagle, only veterans call it that. Kind of an inside joke. You wouldn't get it.). It was actually the straw that broke the camels back, literally. I ended up searching for jobs immediately following a night where I was at the store until 2:30 AM because we couldn't find the fucking things and here I am now. Crazy how that works.

This book, however,  is just laugh out loud funny. First of all, you shouldn't have to spend $15 on this book at UO to understand that plastic is bad for the environment. That's a pretty rudimentary knowledge and free to read up on online. Whoever bought this book is looking for something to make them look sophisticated or cool. Not for educational purposes.

I mean, whoever is responsible for the plastic on the books should be fired - and quite frankly - never allowed to work in the packaging industry again. The one fucking job that guy had, to NOT wrap the book in plastic. What did he do? Wrapped ALL of them in fucking plastic. Despicable.

I can only imagine what those poor employees at this Urban Outfitters feel. I'm sure they are just getting absolutely peppered with questions of hypocrisy. People who expect any kind of help from retail workers - other than simple tasks like grabbing another size or a fitting room - can kick rocks.

Urban Outfitters just needs to get this shit away from them as soon as possible before the internet finds out and gets irrationally mad.