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A Group Of Titans Led By Mike Vrabel Were Out Distributing Water And Supplies To People In Nashville Impacted By The Tornadoes

Some #FeelGoodFriday vibes coming out of Nashville today. It was pretty well documented during this year's playoffs just how much Titans fans supported their team during what was a really fun postseason run behind a 10 foot tall running back with wheels and a coach that put his own dick on the hot seat. Which is why it's nice to see the team, from ownership to the GM to the coach to the players, reciprocate that type of support by helping out the community in its time of need. 

Mike Vrabel has always seemed like a good dude dating back to his playing days. So to see him confirm those suspicions by helping the relief effort while also spreading a message some people may need to hear is great.

If anyone would like to help, the Bussin' With The Boys fellas put out some merch where the proceeds will go towards helping victims of the tornadoes.


The guys at Old Row put out a shirt as well to help those impacted.

Get well soon, Nashville. You are an awesome city with an awesome football team.