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Watch: Country Music Star Ryan Hurd Killed Me in NHL So I Had to Call My Aunt

We had Ryan Hurd in the office on Thursday and I played him in a little friendly game of NHL.

He was an awesome guy and we had a great time talking about out love for the Nashville Predators and wide range of other stuff before things got serious late in the game. Ryan scored two goals in the final minute to beat me by four and force me to call my aunt.

I could say a plethora of things about how I was a gracious host to our guest and let him be both the Preds and the home team so he could go up twice and how I had 48 shots and somehow only two goals but I won't say any of that. I lost by four and had to call my aunt. Those are the rules.

We had a lovely conversation with Aunt Ruthie. She was a hit. Ryan said the rest of the time he was still riding the high of that phone call. I'm glad she got her 15 minutes of fame live on Barstool Gametime. However, I don't plan on losing by four goals to anyone ever again.

Watch the full stream here: