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Dave Portnoy Responds To The Storm Chasers Getting Arrested & Chef Donny Going Limp At UConn's Unstormed Court

"I have a LONG history with UConn. I smoked weed in the Final 4 when they beat Kentucky, in the student section... Lil Brit, I tried to launch her career from the cafeteria TOOO THE WINDOWS, TO THE WALL! So it was sad to see, but I was PROUD of my guys. Chef Donny, I've been hard on him but he went limp and it was beautiful, BEAUTIFUL.  

The whole thing? Our guys are trying to have fun, they're trying to storm the court. College? They don't want college kids to have fun? Maybe that's why UConn isn't gonna make the Tournament this year. I know this, Coach Hurley wants the court stormed. Those people should be in jail for ruining the fun. But yea I was proud of Donny, proud of all the Storm Chasers.

And there's the cherry on top of an all-time night in Storrs, CT. The Storm Chasers did the impossible... No not the part about getting arrested in seats RESERVED for them by the UCONN TICKETING OFFICE & STUDENT BODY, in comparison that's pretty standard stuff. But getting Dave Portnoy to say "I'm proud of you"? Holy FUCK that's the highest praise a human can receive! 

Keep in mind this is a man who has done it all, seen it all, and thought about it even more. If he says something is worthy of praise, it likely deserves to be plated in pure gold and sealed in a vault for eternal safe keeping. There's nothing more valuable on this earth or in this universe.

And there's NO doubt that Chef Donny was deserving of those words after pulling off his Sunday best Frannie Lydon impression last night...

Can you fucking believe this is only the THIRD day of Chasin' for these boys? 1 Storm, 1 Professor Staredown, 1 Unnecessary Arrest... Who knows what comes next! 

Morgantown, WV is about to be a goddamn MOVIE (Vlog) this weekend that's for sure. Follow the guys on @BSStormChasers, and thank YOU for your service gentlemen, do NOT go gentle into that good night... Storm, STORM, until you can Chase no more...

PS: Big shout out to the 2012 GOAT Lil Brit for still slaying out there in Storrs too. NEED a collab with the 'Chasers when they're back in town for their court arraignments in a few months!