Bron Bron Sending Cupcakes To His Neighbors To Apologize For the Media Frenzy is So Bron Bron It Hurts

cupcakeee cupcakeeeeg


Naturally Big Cat was lapping this move up. Literally like a cat drinking milk. Just couldn’t get enough. Oh what a great move by Bron Bron. What a guy! See he really cares about his neighbors! He sent them cupcakes! Lebron’s the best!

FUCK THIS GUY! First of all I’m not even sure I believe that he sent any cupcakes. His family probably bought them for themselves, ate them all and then sent an anonymous tip to the media saying he sent the cupcakes to his neighbors to make him look good. But on the off chance he really did send these cupcakes there is literally negative infinity chance he doesn’t own the majority stake in this company. Like I guarantee if I do some digging his name or an associates name will be on the Board of Directors. How do I know? Because like I said I own real estate in Bron Bron’s brain. He can’t make a move without me seeing it coming a mile away.   And if I know 1 thing about Lebron he doesn’t do anything without it having a side agenda to benefit him.

PS – Lebron has a kid named Bronny?  Did I know that?  Such a Bron Bron move.