If You Don’t Like "We Will Rock You" And "We Are The Champions" Because They Are “Popular” You’re A Hardo



So unless you’re living in a cave you probably know by now that the LORD is in town tonight. That’s right it’s Lord Lambert with Queen. People are already calling it the show of the millennium. Obviously I’m going. Anyway somebody asked me on twitter what my favorite Queen songs were. Here was my response.




Then a bunch of knuckleheads took issue with my having We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions in my top 5.




Really bro? Those are both AWESOME songs. Yeah they’re popular. Yeah they’re played out. Guess what? It doesn’t change the fact that they are awesome, legendary songs. If you hate on those songs you’re just a hardo who is trying to be cool. Only fools, idiots and morons penalize songs for being popular.  Grow up and read a book.