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Here's A New One: A Little Rock Player Got A Technical Foul For ... Aggressively Slapping The Ref's Ass

This is the by far the funniest goddamn way to get a technical foul. One ass slap? That's okay. Good call ref. Second ass slap? That's aggressive. You can see the moment the ref knew what just happened. He didn't know how to react besides blow a whistle and call a technical foul. 

Would have loved to have been the guy calling the game when the ref comes over to explain the technical foul. 'Yeah, well you see, he slapped my ass not once, but twice. The moment hand made cheek contact the second time that's a technical foul according to rule 42 point b.' 

Also, the player absolutely winds up a little on the second one. He had some momentum on that ass slap. He was ready to convince the ref to change the call and congratulate him on being a ref. You see the arm go back just a bit too far and everyone knew what was coming. Really just bad luck the ref wasn't Thad Castle: