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This Dad STRONGLY Disagrees With The Decisions Bachelor Pete Has Made This Season

That's what it's all about right there. Getting home after a long day at work, getting cozy on the couch with a blanket, eating an ice cream sandwich and yelling at the TV when The Bachelor is on. If you're not yelling at your television when The Bachelor is on, you're doing it wrong. It's a time to sit back, watch absurd romantic situations play out on television and yell at the absurdity of it all. 

I do it too 

And if you can mix in an ice cream sandwich and a red solo cup, even better.

By the way, I like Pilot Pete. He was a genuinely nice person when we interviewed him for the Chicks In The Office podcast, but everyone has been yelling at their TV just like that dad all season because of him. It's a matter of poor decision making. Pilot Pete looks at a situation, thinks about what the best decision would be and does the exact opposite. It's actually been pretty fascinating to watch. It doesn't help that he was given a group of very young and somewhat unstable women. Mix all that together and you're gonna get people yelling "fucking asshole" at their TVs.