Smokeshow Lingerie Model Starts Her Own Dating Website Because She Can't Find A Boyfriend

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(Source)With her enviable figure, pretty face and long hair you wouldn’t think Lucy Harrold, 25 from Tamworth, would struggle to find a date. But the lingerie model, who has appeared in a host of men’s magazines maintains she never gets chatted up and is ‘unlucky in love.’ To solve her romance woes, Lucy – together with her friend entrepreneur Jack Knowles – set up a website for similar singletons in her home town of Birmingham.



On the surface, this is a huge W for all the dudes in Birmingham. Easy access to a smoke model, might as well throw your hat in the ring, right? Wrong. You know how when you start talking to a girl you can instantly spot some red flags? Like if she doesn’t have her own friends or hates her parents then you immediately know a relationship won’t work? Well a girl starting her own dating website is that on a million. If a girl looks like Lucy and can’t find a boyfriend to the point where she needs to create a dating website then you know she is NUTS. Don’t get me wrong, still take a flyer on it, but know that it’s probably going to end with her stabbing you in the arm with a pair of scissors.