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Are The Philadelphia Flyers Addicted To Winning? Do The Flyers Have A Win Addiction?

Listen....I love this little run the Flyers have been on just as much as the next guy but I'm starting to get a little worried. I mean 8 straight games? Back-to-back regulation wins on a Wednesday-Thursday against divisional opponents? The team has scored at least 4 goals in each of these last 8 wins? Now currently tied for 1st place in the Metro? Again, I love that the boys are buzzing but I think this is all just one big, giant cry for help. The Philadelphia Flyers are demonstrating all the tell-tale signs of being addicted to dubs. 

Just take Ivan Provorov for example. You don't think that guy is addicted to wins? He had a goal and an assist in Washington on Wednesday night, then turned around on the very next night to add another goal against Carolina for his 13th of the year. 

That's a 4-game point streak for the Russian Machine. And speaking of going streaking, let's talk about Nicolas Aube-Kubel. You don't think that Kubes is addicted to wins? NAK Daddy is currently riding a 5-game point streak after this goal last night to put any hopes of a Canes comeback to sleep. 

Huuuuuuuge wins addiction guy. 

And then just 26 seconds later, it was The Big Three combining for the final goal that would put the dagger in the heart of Carolina. Coots from Giroux and Voracek. 

8 points in the last 4 games for Voracek. This team just doesn't stop. And again--I'm just starting to get a little worried. Because right now they're just having some fun and dabbling with regular season wins. But what happens when they can no longer just get off on regular season wins alone? What if they need to up their fix? What happens when they become addicted to winning playoff games? I honestly don't know if this city can handle it. We weren't prepared for this. I'm equal parts extremely nervous and aggressively aroused about the 2019-20 Philadelphia Flyers men's professional ice hockey team.