Hot Air Balloon Just Blowing The Fuck Up In Clinton Yesterday


(CBS) A hot air balloon crashed into power lines on Saturday night injuring five people people, according to the Federal Aviation Administration and The Clinton Item. The crash occurred in the area of Greeley and Brook streets, according to a witness. Five people or six people on board were burned, witnesses told WBZ-TV. “A Colt Balloon was attempting to land in a residential area near Clinton, MA when it struck a power line and caught on fire today at 7:40 p.m.,” the Federal Aviation Administration told WBZ-TV. The FAA said it would investigate the crash.




How the fuck are those people only injured? That’s bullshit. If you fly into power lines then you should die. I’m laying on the couch right now and I’m so hungover that if I happen to roll off and fall two feet then I’m probably going to die. And you’re telling me that these people exploded then fell like 30 feet and they’re totally fine? Get the fuck out of here. Up until 30 seconds ago I was totally fine with hot air balloons, because I thought if there was a mishap then you just die. That’s totally cool with me. I’ve been skydiving, I’ve done all that shit. As long as you promise me that I’ll die if something fucks up then I’m in. But I don’t want to do this get horribly injured and get burned and fall far and live bullshit, no thanks.


h/t Blackie