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Let's Look Back At Jen Selter Giving Us An ALL TIME Squat Workout In 2013 (For The 1st #TBBT)

(Welcome to #TBBT aka Throw Back Barstool Thursday where we dig into the VIVA video archives)

As my good friend Young Pageviews would say, WOW what a 7 years it's been! Absolutely beyond bananaland it's been that long since El Presidente & Feitelberg strolled up to that undisclosed rooftop in Boston, ready for a free squat lesson from the #1 fitness model of the 2010's, Jen Selter. 

With 3.5 MILLION views, that video has held the #1 spot on our YouTube rankings since essentially forever. Incredible timing by Pres & Feits to film this with her in 2013 too since her IG following skyrocketed by early 2014. Now she sits at 12.8 MILLION followers along with the legendary status of being one of the true OG IG queens, while still cranking out content today. Not bad!

Also her IG bio says she's based in NYC right now... So there possibly could be a sequel video coming someday? Who would be the best duo to send to that booty bootcamp? I definitely wouldn't say no to seeing Glenny Balls & Big Ev + an undisclosed rooftop in the near future. 

Either way what a rising journey it's been for both Jen and Barstool these past 6-9 years! Some might say these were the squats that launched 1000 rocketships. What a world indeed... stick this in the Louvre ASAP.