Joey Ligotti, Union Worker At Logan, Is The Most Ridiculous Person I've Ever Seen





Was this guy in the Sopranos? Don’t answer that, because I know he was. You don’t look like this and not have head hunters looking for you whenever they’re filming something about the Italian mafia, Joey is too perfect to slip through HBO’s finger tips. The jewelery, the name, the neck that doesn’t exist, the unlit cigar while appearing on Fox, the fact that he’s a union worker. Everything about it is so perfectly the Italian stereotype that I’d be shocked if he didn’t eat a plate of spaghetti while humming the Mario theme later in the interview.



PS – I found Jey’s twitter because I’m so intrigued by him and it made me love him ever more. Here’s his only tweet ever, from 2009.


Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 10.00.38 AM



Guy only had one message he wanted to get to the world: fuck Pelosi and Harry Reid. Said it and dropped the mic. The legend of Joe Ligotti grows.