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Seguin Let Some Dude Rip A Drive Off His Dick At His Charity Golf Outing



First of all, I hope Seguin collected money to do this. It’s like the kid at lunch who would eat weird concoctions for a few bucks only if shit goes wrong you lose your penis rather than puking up chocolate milk, mashed potatoes and Gushers. Second of all, I would never, ever in a million years do this. Especially not with some wannabe John Daly taking the cuts. But, and this is a big but, Seguin saying “Ohhh it tickled” kind of has me intrigued. Tickled how? Tickled like a hummer? Like getting a phone call when you’re sitting on your phone? Because those feel pretty fucking awesome and it probably feels even better when you’ve got the threat of getting your dick driven 100 yards down the fairway. The threat of danger really heightens the erotic senses, ask anyone who’s into auto-erotic aspyhxiation.