How Is Twitter Still Free?

This isn't about politics. It's about memes and the internet and one of the world's richest guys vs. the world's most powerful man. It's a Goliath vs. Goliath battle and who fucking thought we'd come down to light saber memes. Certainly not me but that's what makes the internet so great. Who saw ANY of this shit coming? Makes me nostalgic for the early 19th century, before the internet, when Andrew Jackson was killing British soldiers and steamrolling his way through public office. Imagine the political campaign that fuckin guy would run on the internet. We're talking about the same guy that once killed a man in a duel over being called a scoundrel. That's it. "Scoundrel" and boom Charles Dickinson is dead. Gunshot wound to the chest.

Dickinson fired first, hitting Jackson in the chest; incredibly, Jackson was not killed, but merely wounded, and was capable of returning fire. Under the rules of dueling, Dickinson had to remain still as Jackson took his shot. Jackson's pistol stopped at half cock, so he drew back the hammer and aimed again, this time hitting Dickinson in the chest. Dickinson bled to death.

Or how about having twitter in 1904 when Teddy Roosevelt absolutely BULLDOZED Alton B. Parker in the presidential election... that would've been a delight. "Teddy Roosevelt has just tweeted." It's just a picture of Teddy ripping the jaws of a Lion open with his bare hands. Or the late night selfie videos trashing muckrakers after a few (dozen) bourbons at some fancy DC dinner. 

That's the sweetspot for me and politics on twitter. Hypotheticals involving dead presidents and what extremes they'd use it to their advantage. It's a mental place I can go any time of the day. 

But for real how is Twitter still free?